Our First Priority is Patient Care

Through compassionate care and education during the healing journey with a patient, our practitioners will increase their patient’s function and potential for a positive outcome. Each one of our practitioners will make every effort to find the best device and plan of care for each patient. Our experienced specialists are passionate about helping patients throughout the healing process.

You can contact our Oakland Office at 510-658-2062 or email us here.


Our practitioners listen to their patients. Whether their issue is short-term, and especially when it is long-term. We want to understand the emotional journey of our patients to better help them with their physical progress.


Our team of certified practitioners take the necessary time to provide each patient with device training. Their many years of experience is a resource for the patient and care team, including family members.


A patient care team includes Collier practitioners, physicians, therapists and family members. Communication among all is vital for the best outcome of the patient.

Michael Todd, Vice President, COF, Managing Partner

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Patient care with specialty in sports orthotics, fitting lower extremity orthotic devices and osteoarthritis of the knee and hip.

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Richard Todd, COF, Managing Partner

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Experienced in sports orthotics and fitting lower extremity orthotic devices, and Orthotics and Prosthetics Business Developer.

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pediatric practitioner

George Villarruel, CP, Director of Prosthetics

Pediatric Prosthetics and Upper Limb Prosthetics Specialist, CCS Paneled Prosthetist, B.S. Psychology 1986, Bilingual in Spanish.

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Brian Lee, BOCPO, Certified Prosthetist Orthotist, Bilingual Practitioner and CCS Paneled

Brian holds clinics for therapists and care providers at 4 different California Children’s Services locations throughout the Bay Area. Treating scoliosis is one of his specialties, and he is able to communicate with our hispanic patients and address their concerns in their native language.

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Paul Easterwood, COA, COF, Certified Pedorthist

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Nicholas DeGabriele, COF (Certified Orthotic Fitter), B.S. Kinesiology

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Ray Diaz, Certified Orthotist

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Dennis Johnston, Collier Certified Orthotist

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